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GANGSTER ALL STAR: BLACK MESSENGER #1 (Physical English Edition)

$17.99 USD

The English physical edition is a preorder collectors item and will ship out in May. If you wish to read the book sooner, we suggest Comixology or Kometh.


Gasfield City
 the world's most dangerous city. Lurking within the depths of the metropolis, over 50 ruthless mafia factions vie for dominance. Locked in a deadly dance of bloodshed and survival, the quests to protect their gang families and compete for money, power, and territory result in crime sprees by the minute.

"BB"  the owner of "Black Messenger", a delivery service which never fails to deliver. Taking on a new job in this treacherous city, he finds himself and his motorcycle partner racing through a hailstorm of bullets and explosives, not to mention the relentless hoards of hitmen coming for his life!!

GANGSTER ALL STAR: BLACK MESSENGER is an action-gangster comic series by The Duang and Sa-Ard, Japan International MANGA Award winners, guaranteed to thrill fans of the genre from the very first page.


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